What better way to show how
much you care... give that
special someone a Ketchie
Creek Gift Card! Available in
$10, $25, $50, $75, & $100

All gift cards will be processed within
24-48 hours & mailed to the address
you provide.
Our cakes, cookies, brownies, pies, breads and other treats are always delicious and the best in town.  But did you know we have a full service deli and coffee bar?  We serve only the freshest ingredients, sliced to order Boar’s Head
meats,complete coffee bar, sandwiches, salads and other delicatessen items.  Need a quick gift?  In store items for immediate purchase and specialty made to order gift baskets and stacks of snacks are an easy way to show you care.
844 Valley Road - Mocksville, NC 27028     Tel: 336.751.9147     Fax: 336.751.9148     Mon-Fri. 7am-6pm     Sat. 7am-5pm (Deli closes at 3pm on Sat.)
Business meeting or afternoon get-together?
Ketchie Creek Deli Platters are sure to please!

Sandwich/Deli Tray with Sides- $8.00/person
(1/4 pound portion of sides per person)

Sandwich/Deli Trays w/o Sides- $6.50/person

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